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The act of avoiding a social gathering at the very last second by announcing a poor excuse such as: "I have to go to work"or "I'm getting my passport photo taken".
The phrase may be used in a humorous manner when you cannot attend an event and have a legitimate reason.
Sorry mate, im going to have to pull a paris on you.
by reezyoneezy June 06, 2010
a white girl trapped in a black girls body. she doesn't know how to be quiet, and is musically tone deaf. she has many friends though she thinks no one likes her. she is very beautiful
a white girl trapped in a black girl's body Paris
by herBestie!!!:) February 05, 2010
Largest and capital French city.
''Paris is known widely as the world capital of art and culture''
by Brendan September 19, 2003
Capital of France and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Doesn't have Rome's history, but is much more beautiful than Rome and is much less expensive than London.
Paris is one of my favorite cities.
by JB June 23, 2004
pari means a person who is interlectually challenged (i.e. BIMBO, or AIR HEAD)
That blonde is a pari!
by Nikz May 17, 2004
A city that has alot of dog shit all over the street.

Paris is a beautiful city but they really need to clean up all that dog shit...
by cunt-tard November 29, 2005
There are many Different towns all over the united states that are named Paris.
Paris, IL

Paris, TN

Paris, TX

by Vaughnka February 18, 2009