Another word for USELESS
Joe: Wow, that meeting was useless.
Scott: Yeah, just like Paris Hilton
by fanboys of anything suck dick February 02, 2009
An ignorant slut whose only goal in life is to nail as men as possible before she begins to look like Joan Rivers
Why is Paris Hilton Like a boat? they both cant stay away from semen
by animationproject003 October 18, 2006
Paris Hilton is an obnoxious skank which is famous for being famous. Now, after seen having sex by the whole world, targeted by all paparazzi, she is trying to become famous for something more than just clubbing and idiotic behavior.

Having said that, I am pretty sure all of us would love to be rich, spolied and abnoxious, party like a rockstar, and fuck whoever we want.
We all say that Paris Hilton is an ugly obnoxious skank, but we all wanna be rich and spoiled.
by Vava December 05, 2004
(noun)a slight brain damage caused by excessive booze and coke and hair bleach...
I can't remember where I slept last night, I must have had a paris hilton or something.
by Neslihan October 20, 2005
DEF: A hood rat with nice clothes.
Origin: Paris Hilton is woman who is only famous because she had/has sex with many, many men.
Anne thinks she's Paris Hilton but she's just a hood rat with nice clothes.
by Bif December 10, 2004
The only woman to have the most reminiscent facial expressions during any photo shoot, and to not deserve her name capitalized. Her face is that of a manequins, forever frozen in time. She lacks personality, manners, respect, personality, a personality, and a personality. She lacks persona: The kind of thing that makes a human being descent to deal with by every hard working american and any other human being of good nature around the world. People like her give a terrorist a reason to terrorize america in any way, whether it be trench coat flashing, bombing themselves to hell, or flying a plane into a building(All respect goes to the families ***Peice***)
She has the chin of a professional wrestler and the body of a year old corpse. Her face has had so many plastic surgery appointments that there aren't any muscles left in her face to make an expression, period.
She can't look, smile, frown, act, model, or sing. What gives....WHAT GIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

To put things simply, if she died, I would laugh with great relish and the rest of the year would honestly be a better one for me. I would defecate all over my self upon hearing the news and urinate down my leg just out of the sheer fact and joy that a curse known as paris hilton has been forever washed off this bruised planet.
paris hilton + definition = Nuff Said.
To further this rant, this statement should be further stated that this is in fact an understatement, and no real words could describe of how much of a Bitch she is to bring satisfaction to the seeker.
by The Red Wolf June 01, 2006
one of the dunbest and richest person around.
OMG! there's Paris Hilton!...ugh, nevermind she's nothing but a barbie doll. i could buy her if i wanted to.
by Kim2320 September 20, 2005

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