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DEF: A hood rat with nice clothes.
Origin: Paris Hilton is woman who is only famous because she had/has sex with many, many men.
Anne thinks she's Paris Hilton but she's just a hood rat with nice clothes.
by Bif December 10, 2004
Perform oral sex on a woman.
The last time I was with Keshia, all she wanted me to do was eat the sushi.
by Bif December 09, 2004
Def: act crazy
Origin: smoking crack makes you do crazy things.
Last night, Twanna was acting like she was on the pipe when she saw Jamel at the club getting his freak on with Twila. She was buggin.
by Bif December 09, 2004
Literally means ok then. Popular with fat cornish bus drivers. Often comes before m'lover (my lover, meant in a non sexual way.) Often used when thank'u'an seems too complicated.
Thank you for driving the bus.
by bif March 17, 2005
the area running from your spine to your bifkin
o no! i stretched my nebik
by bif September 16, 2003
Male getting oral sex.
Person giving oral sex has their head bobbing up and down.
I'm getting bobbage tonight from a hot chick.
by bif October 28, 2004
the best hit-up that the world has eva seen
Bedik is the shiznit
by bif September 16, 2003

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