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Alternative phrase to parp, simply meaning a fart. Derived from a misspelling / misconduct of the word. The word doesn't differ too much in usage, although is mostly said for more comedic affect.
Pretty cool guy: I just parf'd.

Person 1: PARF!
Person 2: Argh, you are just the worst kind of person...
by Churkirby February 22, 2010
Perfect; excellent; Complete in every aspect.
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
An expulsion of air through the penis.
My cat Monkey Boy enjoys to parf all night on my girlfriend's head while she is sleeping.
by snoopdoggydex December 31, 2011
poor ass niggas like Josh M and JP Sut
Yo i hate tht parf for fuckin inviting himself 2 my house. HEs just gonna steal shit ans drink all my gatorade and eat all my food
by Ihatem them niggers September 02, 2008

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