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Very thirsty
I am a little parched, could I have something to drink.
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
To be very very thirsty
1)Pass us a brew love im parched
2)Boil the kettle love im parched
3)Raggin Pat Butcher really made me parched
by Rodam April 28, 2006
1. Exceedingly eager to get something (especially play)

2. Extremely Desperate
(Girl running up to guy) "Hey, you want to come over to my house later, we a movie together."

(Girl1 under breath) "Thirsty"

(Girl2) "Nah girl, she's parched"
by TrueDemagogue July 16, 2011
when you've been out all night smoking boges and you wake up the next morning in dire need of a drink
max: paaarrrcccheeeeddd i need a vitamin water. parched
by badgers89 October 11, 2008
Two be thirsty and in desperation four a brew.
Hob Nobs go good with a brew because hob nobs rule!
I cant make it i need a brew.

Im parched a good brew will nurse me back two health.

No me biscuit its fallen in me brew.

I had a nkightmare i was parched last knight.

by rodam July 13, 2006
its not really a word
a fake word is parched
by anonomis May 08, 2005

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