1. A state in nothern Brazil mostly covered with rainforest.

2. A unit of Serbian or Yugoslavian currency. The word means money in this context.

3. Ancient Finnish household spirits who appear in the shape of a cat, snake, hare, or frog. Typically mischievous, stealing things and moving them around.

4. Also para is a affix meaning beyond, near to, or simular to; such as paranormal, parakeet, or paratroopers.
1. Pará has a territory covered mostly by jungle, covering a vast area of the Amazon Rainforest.

2. A para is one hundredth of a dinar.

3. The para stole my apple pie!

4. Peter is a paranormal parakeet paratrooper!
#brazil #serbian #yugoslavian #finnish #affix
by OneBadAsp November 03, 2006
Top Definition
Paras is the name of a golden rock in India with the Golden Touch. Any metal it touches turns to gold. It is only a myth, however, scientists have went searching for this sacred stone and found nothing.
As sacred and unique as Paras.
by the_turbinator May 26, 2005
The most feared and violent unit in the British Army
Para short for Paratrooper
by Ollie January 02, 2004
Paras is mad sexy and has a big horse.
#sexy #hot #muscular #cute #sweet
by renounce June 25, 2010
used in my town for drunk, short for paraletic. extremely drunk of comatosed.
holy shit im para.

gonna get para tonight!
#drunk #wasted #gone #paralytic #para
by Colej666 September 08, 2006
A shortened version of the word (paraletic), describing the highest state of drunkeness. The final stage of being drunk before vommiting and/or blacking out. General memory loss.

Often coupled with an adjective or adverb.
John was so para last night.

I am getting totally para on friday.
#parra #paraletic #pissed #shit-faced #drunk #sober
by Sam Tendall November 06, 2007
1. A type of a Pokémon ©, that has something or the other to do with mushrooms.

2. A not-so-uncommon name for an east Indian male child.

3. This fucking druggie in my class who's barely getting a 50 and yet is somehow the center of attention. Asshole. .. But he is sexy.
1. Ash took out his pokéball, threw it out, and yelled "I choose you, Paras!"

2. Hey Paras, whatcha doin' tonight?

3. Dude.. like.. dude...
#paris #pornstar #sexy #druggie #pokémon
by Cæsar June 09, 2006
In the game CounterStrike:Source, the term para may refer to either

a) The M249 Machine Gun, also known as "Para," this gun is fantastic for support fire but pretty useless over long range, or-

b) With allusion to parachuting or paratrooping; the act of jumping in front of an opponent then showering him with bullets as you descend. Usually a desperate last resort tactic used when surprised or sprung, but can be used as an offence on some occasions, for example during a seige - "para" can be used to surprise and deter enemy frontmen, allowing your team to advance. In this instance you are essentially a kamikaze and are sacrificing yourself for the good of your team. Best guns for "para" are p90, mac10, mp5 and of course the eponymous m249 para.
1: Dude, para sucks, you got me with a mac10.

(Player breaks seige on base by performing "para" with mac10, headshotting 2 players then dying. His team finishes off the assailants.)
Player: hell yeah, PARA!!
Player2: lol yeah nice para
Player3: fuk off noob
#cs #counterstrike #source #m249 #parachute
by MrKapper June 07, 2007
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