Adj. Something that makes you both paranoid and annoyed; usually spoken by dumb girls in the toy section of Zeller's.
*Dumb girls playing with kids toys*
*Cooler boys walk by*
*Dumb girl 1 brings a toy towards dumb girl 2*
Dumb girl 2- "Ahhh, get that away from me, it's so parannoying!"
Cooler boys- "What the fuck, those girls are so dumb!"
*Cooler boys make many jokes at dumb girl 2's expense*
by John Wright (Wayne) May 30, 2006
Top Definition
the present tense of paranoia
Three friends are in the car smoking a bowl. One friend says "that car looks like it could be unmarked police car, put that bowl down"

Driver says "nah that's not a cop, stop parannoying me"
by Renee Manning June 04, 2009
Someone who is overly paranoid to the point of totally irritating everyone around them can be described as parannoying.
Can't Dave talk about anything other than how the Illuminati runs the planet. He is so parannoying.
by Mister Pike December 19, 2010
The fear that you annoy people.
Andi: I'll leave you alone if you want...
Sam: What? No. What gave you that impression?
Andi: I dunno... I guess I'm just Parannoying
by Immortal-Jake September 12, 2010
noun: to annoy or cause irritation on someone through paranoia.
when someone is constantly & frantically worrying so much that it's actually starting to annoy you.
(ie: "Will you just relax & stop worrying so damn much..!? You are really just 'parannoying' me..!)
by Don Vorry March 07, 2010
A person who is scared of the paranormal and keeps screaming
I don't want her to go ghost hunting because she is so parannoying
by Edgegirl April 28, 2013
extremly annoying. can be related to a parasite.
the parannoying little kid was following me all over the school talking nonstop.
by kathy W. September 16, 2003
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