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A teenage boy from India that enjoys wiggling his toes and making fun of people who eats toast. During his free time he studies the fine art of randomness and pray to the goddesses Naini and Natalia
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
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An adjective used to define a person who has breasts. Sometimes with proper observations the male might have one tit bigger than the other. Also typically a male who is slightly fat but isn't fat, a not so into fitness and body wellness and often indulge in beer and curry. Friends around him will try to persuade him to work in the gym but he would often tell them that he's muscular and fit.

Pronounce: Par-Rum
Jackson: Hey Alex have you heard of the Param syndrome?

Alex: Yerh, it coined the term "Fatty" for one who grows breasts.

Jackson: Totally! Euphemisms does the job well.
by LoCoSloane November 21, 2010
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short-form of 'Pasar Ramadhan'. (a bazaar where Muslims buy foods for break fasting in Malaysia)
Pegi param ngalahkn nk pegi kelabing.buntang mata pak aji tgk..

(They going to bazaar but dressed like they're going to club)
by PEJUANG agama, bangsa & negara October 27, 2010
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A woman of great grace, poise and beauty but also has a kick ass sense of humor that would make anyone blush!
we need to be more like Param today dudes.
by Plethora15 April 30, 2015
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