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1. A word used to define something which has anti-stereotypical, ironic, or contradictive qualities.

2. An indie band from Wolverhampton, UK who have several amazing songs and gig on a regular basis around the midlands area!
1. If you're a pig and you snort cocaine, that's paradoxic.

2. "Hey, have you heard of paradoxic?"
"Yeah, I went to their gig last week"
"Oh cool - I've only heard them on myspace"
"oooh, what is it, i can't find it?"
by AgzOrns March 12, 2009
The state of being dangerously self-contradictory and unsolvable. This word is a combination of the words "Paradox" and "Toxic."
Damn... Uberloser and Smartjock are Paradoxical.
by JonAndrewDavis July 29, 2005

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