a game originally played by a bunch of high assholes in some kids basement.
three categories can trigger a par:
1: Cheese
2: Marijuana
3: sports
This includes anything related to those words. Saying a type of cheese, anything relating or in reference to marijuana, sports ( this includes players names or common sports related phrases such as "swing batter batter")
once you say something that triggers a par, any surrounding player can "par" you but only up to 30 seconds after the word has been said.

once you have been "par"'d you must do the following:
1:ball your right fist
2:use your left hand to push it down to your knee's
3:launch your right fist up till it almost hits you in the face
4: lick your knuckle

If you refuse to do this, all other players can punch you in the face.

How to par: when someone says one of the three words(or words relating to) shout "par" at them.
dude 1: what kind of pizza did you want tonight?
dude 2: i don't know, cheese?
dude 1: PAR!!!!!
dude 2: shit man, :::::licks knuckle:::: you fucking got me again!
girl 1: man, you shoulda been there we smoked some dank outa john's bubbler
girl 2: PAR!
girl 1: :::::::licks knuckle::::::: i suck at this game
by KMILLA September 12, 2007
Top Definition
When something happens to you that is considered by many to be an extremely rude breach of social standard. This includes getting dissed, getting slapped, being swiftly rejected by a girl you've been making advances on, when someone or something causes unnecessary hardship, or even being ignored my your mum. In short, it is getting demoralised. Hard.

The term was popularised by London rapper Tempa-T, with his song 'Next Hype'.

It is possible that Par is a derivative of the term Faux Pas, which in french literally means a 'False Step' against the established norm.
Ricky: Yo gal you lookin kinda nice tonight, mind if i get you a drink?
Girl: Errr...get out of my face, don't talk to me. I think you need some aquafresh as well, cos your breath is kickin! Dem trainers aint real either.
Ricky's mate: Ricky Bruv, you just got parred.


Ricky: Eh Mum! What you cookin' tonight? Smells taaassty!!!
(no response)
Ricky: Mum...Mum?! Ah allow it.
Ricky's mate: Ricky bruv, you just got parred, by your own mum.


Ricky: Ah allow it..
Ricky's mate: Par.

Ricky's mum: Ricky, go shops and get me a coke and some skittles. Maybe some skips as well. Fuck it, i'll right you a list.

Ricky: Where is it?

Ricky's mum: 'Bout half hour away, if you hop on a bus.
Ricky: Mum, i aint got money for the bus.

Ricky's mum: Walk then.

Ricky: Ah allow it, thats long
Ricky's mate: Ricky Bruv, you keep gettin' parred.
by RickyRankin' April 15, 2010
When something bad happens to you or your being ignored
Person 1: You just missed the bus!
Person 2: Thats a par!
by Im Jus Doin Me November 07, 2007
Slang. When a person is insulted or dissed it means they have been parred.
Richard: What time is it?
John: Time to fuck your mum.
Kenny: Eeey blud dat's a par!
by Downtown Wtf October 02, 2009
Basically a diss. When someone disses you, they par you.
Guy: I bet your pussy has spots.
Guy 2: Ohhh you just got parred!


Girl: He doesn't like you. He says your hair is bad.
Girl 2: Ahh that's a par.
by newsensationxo October 05, 2009
Standard, or regular. The average for any given scale.
All the definitions of this word are for slang variants or mispronounciations? That's par for the course around here.
by Fellow Language Butcher November 11, 2015
It's means the say as boyed or shame

It's normally used in a sentence...
Boy1: I failed the math test

Boy2: Bruv, that's a par
by sbwild88 February 15, 2010
slang for most things
as said by tempa t. say man slapped the camera its a par you get me its a next hype. start draggin down the shop its a par. everything is a par
by ads0117 January 14, 2011

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