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First the Scottish, then the Caribbean form of 'pupppet show' which can also mean
(verb) To mock, to make fun of.
(noun) A fool, a buffoon.
(noun) Mockery, ridicule.
(adj) Ridiculous, ludicrous.
In the song 'Heads High' by Mr. Vegas 'Mek a bway know you ah no pappyshow.'
“Until then, those of us who do not fall prey to the pappyshow of local politicians have to endure the filth that passes for leadership.”
“She was told her actions were deliberate and to try again. Mitchell told the policeman, 'Officer you trying to pappyshow me. I eh doing no Breath test.'”
by JSRKS January 12, 2011
An event were executive members of a ruling party's Government, goes on national television live for one (1) hour and talk rum-shop politics.
Suruj, Ashworth, Anil, Roodal and Austin put on a very amusing Pappy Show last night. shit talk stupid talk nob bull shit Mamaguy Verbal Diarrhea
by SatM September 26, 2012
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