adj., to be physically and/or emotionally exhausted after enduring the subtle activity of a pap smear.; like "tired" or "pooped", but specific to the aforementioned event.
I just got back from that gynecologist with parkinson's, and, boy, am I papped!
by LeadOfHettuce December 01, 2005
Top Definition
To be made a fool of on the internet; To make a fool of on the internet; To confound or prove wrong; embarrasing someone: Being embarrased.
I papped you on Montrealracing. You were papped at the party.
by Ticul April 18, 2009
Papped: Photographed by a Papparazo
"Shit, I've just been papped again and I'm not even famous"
by Triffid June 11, 2005
To be struck in the back of the head in Halo, or otherwise humiliated in a video game.
Kenny: Where is SocceRob?
Kyle: I don't see him.
Kenny: I think he's behind you.
*SoccerRob strikes Kyle in the back of the head with the butt of his pistol*
Kenny: Ohhhh, you got 'PAPPED!
by AthlonCannon August 17, 2006
a. to fuck

comes from the derivative of "to pap"

others include: papping (fucking), and pap (fuck)

by kapapko February 17, 2010
(verb) meaning to kill someone or something.
Hey, your guy got papped last night. His ass is in the morgue
by Safothegreek March 29, 2008
1.To be tricked into something that is not real
2. To be a butt of someones practical joke
3. To act stupidly
1. "That guy got papped"
2. "Did u see that guy, he just got papped."
3. "That guy is papped, look at the way he's behaving"
by Simpy Edwards December 11, 2006
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