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A person interest in just making money. Someone interested in just getting paid. A person who chases money.
That drug dealer is nothing but a paper chaser.
by MedullaPancreasOblongata January 11, 2006
Someone that's about their money. Someone thats trying to get paid by all means neccesary no matter what it is. Whether its a regular 9-5 job or being a drug dealer or a prostitute. Someone who will never stop trying to get paid.
1st example:"That broad is a golddigger"
"Nah dude she a straight paper chaser"

2nd example:"That dude is making big moves around the way!that nigga is a straight paper chaser the kid is about his bread"
by Winter Milan February 24, 2008
A person who is attracted to money and will do anything to attain the dough.
Do you see that paper chaser? He was trying to catch that rich fucker down the street.
by DaBigDough February 27, 2006
A Hustler; A guy/girl who wants money, And/or gets someone toget money from someone.
Yo homie I ain't playing with you man, no paper chaser is gonna hustle me man.

Put him in set-up, 5pm we do some paper chasing.
by J Hoodz R Gotta Come Hard January 08, 2006
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