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A person interest in just making money. Someone interested in just getting paid. A person who chases money.
That drug dealer is nothing but a paper chaser.
by MedullaPancreasOblongata January 11, 2006
rambunctious for illiterate people.
Did you see that monkey get stuppa duppa rambunktious with it's bodacious monkey handler? The shrooms, man. It's gotta be the shrooms.
by MedullaPancreasOblongata January 02, 2005
Disney couldn't trademark the word 'Superstupidfrickenmovie'.
Disney's got one Supercalafragilisticexpialadociously ghey franchise on their hands with this one!
by MedullaPancreasOblongata March 19, 2005
an indigenous slang derivative amongst gangster rap artists for "drug-free Christian fun".
Reefer may be "sticky" but Chess in South Central Los Angeles be the stickiest of the icky. Let's smoke a bowl while we play.
by MedullaPancreasOblongata January 19, 2005

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