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A word coming from the PC-game "Monkey Island 3: Curse of Monkey Island".

It's a humorous 2D-animated game about Pirates, with the main character named Guybrush Threepwood.

"Papapishu!" is beeing said when Guybrush gets trapped in some quicksand, and needs to get a thorn from a nearby plant to continue and get out the quicksand.
When he gets the thorn he gets pricked by it and he says "Ah! Papapishu!".
However: He only says "Papapishu!" when you read a sign next to the thorn-plant, wich says the following:
-Papapishu Bush: This bush derives it's name from a native word meaning "Ouch".-

From that point on in the game, every time Guybrush is supposed to say "Ouch!", he says "Papapishu!" instead.

*Gets a thorn from the plant, after reading the nearby sign*

Guybrush: "Ah! Papapishu!"

by SuzukiSwiftSport April 16, 2008
Ouch, Oww, That hurt.
{pricks finger on thorn} papapishu
by anaemic April 21, 2006
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