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Normally the last name originating from the first name of Hannah. Very tall, slim, and have very nice "bunz." most likely a cheer leader. Always a very trustworthy and reliable friend. Pap Rocki's typically can dance very well, and are often fairly intelligent. They always are destined for success in life, and typically reside in small towns and marry men by the name of Zach later on in life. Pap Rocki's will have many children, and are great mothers. This individual meets the standard of the ideal wife in basically every males' eyes.
Hannah Pap Rocki is the hottest girl on the face of the planet.
by she got them bunzzz April 04, 2011
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A last name. Polish in origin. Usually given to someone who is interested in dirt bikes, from Arizona, and coaches collegiate athletes.
Coach Paprocki wants to bring her dirt bike back from Arizona.
by hurdlecoach February 03, 2010

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