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The greatest song ever sung by a 62-year-old man on American Idol.
"Pants on the ground,patns on the ground,lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground.
by rawr17 January 20, 2010
37 15
A sure way to look like a fool
My friend was dressed nicely today, but he would look like less of a fool if he didn't have his pants on the ground.

Other ways to look like a fool include: Gold in the mouth and hat turned sideways.
by Rojas Sanchez February 27, 2010
10 4
To get completely wasted or destroyed to the point of blacking out, doing absurd things you don't/won't remember, passing out and also act a foo aka fool in general.
Last night Larry was cool til he got absolutely pants on the ground, then he got us kicked out the bar and we had to baby sit him all night.
by DJ Osmose August 26, 2011
2 9