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v. to spank someone with a flap-a-jack.
I gave her such a pankin that she could smell syrup for weeks.

We got rowdy last night and gave each other pankins all night long.
by Fluffer Nutter April 10, 2005
A light or gentle spanking
My cat tried to bite me, so I gave him pankins. That was definitely not grenades
by SammyJ. April 20, 2005
What i give traci when shes been naughty
yesterday traci talked back so i gave her a good pankin'
by hunter August 09, 2004
A gentle wrist movement used to "pank" someone or something. Quite softer than a spanking but just slightly harder than a tap. All in the wrist, no arm movement.
I panked her
She panked me
To pank or not to pank?
Give her a lil pankin, its all in the wrist.
#spankin #panking #spanking #spanken #panken
by IgotApankin4jon May 15, 2010
Geting a spanking in the face with a penis. The the word spankin + penis = pankin.
Dude I gave this girl such a bad panking last night it left a mushroom stamp.
#mushroom stanp #dick slap #slap #penis #spank #waggle daggle
by roy h. September 17, 2009
The fool that is standing next to me,with a 13 and a half inch penis....around, not as cool as a Miles
If we were all placed in lands based on adjectives that described us Miles would be in Awesome Land and Pankin would be in Fun Land
by Miles Mulman March 03, 2005
Partnet number 1 is to poo/dispose onto his/her hand, wipe the reminants on/into partner number 2's asshole while partner 2 reaches under, between their legs and strokes/fingers partner number 1.
Jesus gave me a pankin last night.
#pankin #poo #sex #shit #nasty
by V-duBA3Steackscauce November 15, 2006
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