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A stupid resturant that overcharges their sandwiches and drinks. There is always an hour wait because the lines are to the door. Half the time they screw up your order because their employees can't fucking read. The cashiers are rude and never get your order right. right free Wi-FI isn"t that great cause you can never get connection.
Girl 1: I going to broccli cheedar soup.
Girl 2: That's best soup there.
Girl 1: What I have to wait 30 minutes because you ran out.
Girl 2: That's messed up you should your money back
Girl 1 : They should have a back up Iam never coming to this establishment again
Girl 2: Yeah panera has the worst customer service I've ever seen in my life.
Manager: wait come back here's your refund.
Employee: Their gone you stupid fuck
by Badassslayer September 23, 2007
51 99
A clean, upscale chain of restaurants primarily located on the eastern coast of America. They sell a variety of delicious, high-quality food from soups to sandwiches to desserts. Also featured are their fresh bread and healthy, low-carb options.

Contrary to what the other commenter stated, Panera is never out of stock when I go there.
The food place where yuppies stand on long lines and furiously press the buttons on their Motorola phones as they attempt to order a sandwich.
by anonymous December 10, 2004
262 82
A place to get good food and drinks but expensive as fuck.Sure, the names are stupid and you hate pronouncing them, but good quality overall.
I can't believe I paid $9 for this bread at Panera Bread, but goddamn it's good.
by You~!! November 11, 2005
184 76
An amazing place to eat and relax. The food has a great variety of soups, sandwiches, coffee, pastries, salads, etc. They also offer free wifi. It's also a great place to work and they pay pretty well
Customer: Instead of this bread can i get this one and instead of this soup can i get this one and can i substitue this whole thing for something completely different?
Me the cashier: yes of course.
cause at Panera we pretty much never go by the menu, you can pick any bread or soup or salad or pretty much any combination
by TheChelz February 03, 2006
131 46
Place with the best highest quality food around. Food is always fresh and delicious. Nice place to take your laptop and get a sandwich at lunch.
Every sandwich ive tried from Panera has been delicious.
by Food Critic October 09, 2007
85 29
A common misspelling of the band Pantera, where they just forgot the "t".
The founder of Panera most likely named his restaurant chain after this kickass band, but there was just a typo.
by Cats in Hats & Hats in Cats January 11, 2011
38 24
1) 2nd worst employer, following OfficeMax. A bakery-cafe with incredible food on the menu, but never in stock. The location of the definition of fraudulent business ethics. Not where one wants to be caught during lunch rush on weekdays, or post-church rush on Sundays.
2) Hell on earth.
Fred: I just went to Panera for lunch.
Joe: Oh really? What did you order?
Fred: Well, I was going to order a sandwich but they ran out of bread and meat.
Joe: Typical.
by hell'semployee October 14, 2004
94 104
Establishment where food and bagels are overpriced. Parent's think panera. The food is great though at panera.Chuckie Cheese were their kids can run around and play with everything in the store. Customers are retarded because the buy grill cheese and Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for five bucks because they are too lazy to do it themselves. Also you can't ever find a seat since they are always busy.
Employee 1: We are so busy at panera all the time I am going to get a manager because we need some help

Employee 2: I'll stay up here while you get a manager

Employee 1: Hey can you help us we have a line out the door

Manager: Sure be there in one sec.

Employee: You stood around and did nothing when I asked you for help. What kind of manager are you? We all work hard while you just sit around. You are never here and we always get complaints from customers We are a team here but you don't know what that word means.

Manager: I am your boss you have no right to speak to me like that. Please stop causing a scene in front of the customers and how I run my store is none of your concern.

Employee: (Shouting) You know what I quit. I'm not dealing with this bullshit anymore. Now I know why people are always quitting it's because of people like you.

Manager: All right everyone please get back to work.

Employee's: No we won't. ( Everyone is smiling)We quit see you later and you'll know how it feels to have no help.
by Badassslayer October 31, 2007
34 57