Panda: (v) stealing then subsequently devouring any food item(s)
-He pandaded my reeces
-Oh noez, the chocolatey and peanut buttery goodness, gone!
by Panda-Monkey December 23, 2009
slang term for Opana (oxymorphone)
"the panda had me fucked up last night."
by derpyderp12345 July 06, 2012
This is a very cute animal that climbs trees and says "woooo!"
A panda makes the sound woo.
by Monieeeeeeee November 04, 2010
a soft, cuddlly bear
that panda bear in the zoo was so cute
by StephanieXSavage January 05, 2010
When one sees an individual wearing a white shirt or sweater, and he or she is wearing a black shirt or sweater, "to panda" is to run up to them and hug in a fuzzy embrace.
by OneTimeEntry March 16, 2011
1. A friend with benefits.

2. A lover.

3. A spouse.

4. A very close friend.
After informing my friend that he was my panda, I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
by gambolputty February 07, 2011
1. A guy who is cuddly and friendly to everyone, is a little shy and elusive (much like the animal). Can be combined with their real name.

2. A guy who everyone thinks is gay until he gets a girl friend
1. "My boyfriend is such a Panda" or "I love my boyfriend, Panda-Tom"

2. Guy1: Man, man I thought he was gay until he got with Jessica
Guy2: I know, he's such a Panda.
by frogamelia January 28, 2012

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