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When one sees an individual wearing a white shirt or sweater, and he or she is wearing a black shirt or sweater, "to panda" is to run up to them and hug in a fuzzy embrace.
by OneTimeEntry March 16, 2011
A majestic animal that is black, white and asian. There are also a such thing as red pands which resemble foxes. Originated in China. They are vegetarians because they eat bamboo. They are known to eat 12 - 16 hours a day. They are adorable creatures. Sadly, they will soon be extinct.
That girl acts so much like a panda!

I love PANDAS!!!!!!! <3
by pandalover<3 May 10, 2010
A chubby or bottom heavy girl that has a cute face.
Hey Brett, did you see that Panda?
by konos December 06, 2009
1. A guy who is cuddly and friendly to everyone, is a little shy and elusive (much like the animal). Can be combined with their real name.

2. A guy who everyone thinks is gay until he gets a girl friend
1. "My boyfriend is such a Panda" or "I love my boyfriend, Panda-Tom"

2. Guy1: Man, man I thought he was gay until he got with Jessica
Guy2: I know, he's such a Panda.
by frogamelia January 28, 2012
slang term for Opana (oxymorphone)
"the panda had me fucked up last night."
by derpyderp12345 July 06, 2012
1. A friend with benefits.

2. A lover.

3. A spouse.

4. A very close friend.
After informing my friend that he was my panda, I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
by gambolputty February 07, 2011
State of drunkenness, commoly thought to be the ideal state of intoxication between "tipsy" and "shitfaced"; characterized by dopiness and laziness, but also being kinda cuddly like a panda.
Note: effects of being panda usually do not involve the compulsion to eat bamboo. Usually.
Chris: how drunk are you?
Will: Panda.
by Panda-boy January 20, 2011