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the thick, tary shit left on the upper portion of a toilet bowl even after the toilet has been flushed.
Dude . . . you should have seen the pancake batter I left behind at that McDonalds.
by Master of Girth April 04, 2003
The smell ones nuts gives off after a long day of work, so your significant other says
Hey babe thanks for T-bagging me I love it when your nuts smell like pancake batter
by bluefalcon85 March 01, 2010
When ones testicles seem to be pouring out of his short shorts on a hot day. AKA Hairy Pancake Batter
"Dude, your pancake batter is pouring out and frying on the park bench."
by Tdbehmster May 16, 2014
Sun City Girls in the song "Porno Shop": My job to me will never matter cuz I'll end up with the pancake batter.
by Spin B February 03, 2011
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