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the thick, tary shit left on the upper portion of a toilet bowl even after the toilet has been flushed.
Dude . . . you should have seen the pancake batter I left behind at that McDonalds.
by Master of Girth April 04, 2003
20 10
When ones testicles seem to be pouring out of his short shorts on a hot day. AKA Hairy Pancake Batter
"Dude, your pancake batter is pouring out and frying on the park bench."
by Tdbehmster May 16, 2014
2 0
The smell ones nuts gives off after a long day of work, so your significant other says
Hey babe thanks for T-bagging me I love it when your nuts smell like pancake batter
by bluefalcon85 March 01, 2010
5 4
Sun City Girls in the song "Porno Shop": My job to me will never matter cuz I'll end up with the pancake batter.
by Spin B February 03, 2011
4 5