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Home to one of the spoiled bitches Cher on MTV's My Super Sweet 16.
She had a Marti Gras themed party.

I do hate that show.
Palm Harbor, home of the ugly blonde chick named after a woman who sounds like a man.
by Omglikewoah July 17, 2007
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Ah, Palm Harbor, Florida.
The West side of FL, otherwise known as the rich side of FL.
Similar to many towns in Connecticut, this place is divided into a rare Floridian partial prep, partial everything-else.
The only apparent yuppies are the ones purchasing the $15 million house on the beach, but if you investigate closer they pop up in schools and about every other house on every single street.
The home of the town with 3+ zip codes, condos and apartments on every street, and you even get a pool with every house more than a quarter of a million!
But at that price, your pool is Lake Tarpon.
Ahh, you have to love Palm Harbor.
by Omglikewoah November 19, 2006

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