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The mixing of Sarah Palin and Pinocchio to show that the Alaskan Governor cannot tell the truth.

She lied about being against the Bridge to Nowhere She has lied about her firing of the town librarian and police chief of Wasilla, Alaska. She has lied about pressure on Alaska's public safety commissioner to fire her ex-brother-in-law. She has lied about her previous statements on climate change. She has lied about Alaska's contribution to America's oil and gas production.

She has lied about when she asked her daughters for their permission for her to run for vice-president. She has lied about the actual progress in constructing a natural gas pipeline from Alaska. She has lied about Obama's position on habeas corpus. She has lied about her alleged tolerance of homosexuality.

She has lied about the use or non-use of a TelePrompter at the St Paul convention. She has lied about her alleged pay-cut as mayor of Wasilla. She has lied about what Alaska's state scientists concluded about the health of the polar bear population in Alaska.
Palinocchio is now claiming that, since Alaska is so close to Russia, that has foreign policy experience.
by Pointer of the Obvious September 28, 2008
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