"Palestinians" are the descendants of non-Jews that had pre-state Israel as their place of residence from 1946-48 (per UNRWA)
"Palestinians" are the descendants of non-Jews that had pre-state Israel as their place of residence from 1946-48 (per UNRWA) and who found the idea of living with Jews on a basis of equality so repugnant that they left pre-state Israel in solidarity and at the orders of the advancing armies of five Arab nations. Arabs that were not bigoted towards Jews became the ancestors of today's Israeli-Arab, roughly 20% of Israel's population.
by Rfaelm April 21, 2011
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One who throws rocks
F'in Palestinians clogged the tracks on my tank again.
by Capt Stevo January 22, 2007
"Palestinian is a descendant of the migrant Arab laborers that came into pre-state Israel that asserts that they have an inherent entitlement to greater poitical rights than any other people and "cradle to grave" UNRWA welfare.
"Only "Palestinians assert that there exists a patrilineally inheritable 'right of return of refugees", even to places that they have never been, and that such "right" ONLY applies to Palestinians.
by R'fael April 21, 2011
1. a person from Palestine; human like the rest of us with the same innate desires to be free, love, live and let live. Often a person struggling to retain his or her freedom under Israeli occupation and oppression.
2. An object from or originating in Palestine
Palestinian rap: A Palestinian's method of resistance without violence.
by nakba61 May 11, 2009
1. A Jordanian refugee living in Israel who is Arab.

2. A Jew.

Up unitll the 1960s, Jews called were from Palestine and called "Palestinian." When Jordan attacked Israel and lost, they were left with a refugee problem. In other words, Jordan (and the other Arab countries) refused to admit their Arab brothers into their borders, shifting the responsibility for looking after the ones left behind onto the Jews. The Jordanian refugees were labelled "Palestinian" and a myth was born. "Enlightened" housewives in Vermont like propel the myth of "Palestine" ever having been independent of Israel, as they equate the new Palestinians as being natives and the Jews as outsiders. A visit to the history section at your local library tells a different story. Both Arabs and Jews historically shared Israel, but never were any Arabs distinguished with a unique "Palestinian" culture or government, as oppossed to Jordanian. Since Jordan and the rest of Islam has turned its backs on the new Palestinians, a culture and government has emerged. Both are based on blaming the Jews, Islam, and martyrdom (terrorism).
Jason: Did you hear what the Palestinians did today?

Mike: What are you talking about? Those Arabs are not really Palestinian. Jews are Palestinian.
by Readitandweep November 20, 2008
(n.) a mental disorder characterized by an intense delusion of how one views him or herself.

(v.) an intense desire to bomb stuff.
the defendant claimed he was palestinian and so could not differentiate between right and wrong.
by ZionistComedian June 25, 2010
1.(noun) One who is a zealot for dead causes.


2.(noun, adj, adv) Used to describe, usually, a person who decides to destroy their percieved opposition, despite reality, usually by explosives, gunfire, or other light arms. Characteristically carried out in a suicidal fashion, with great collateral damage and rarely getting anywhere near their target.
1. "Damnit man, didn't you hear the BoSox actually won? You need to stop being palestinian and wearing that stupid "break the curse" shit cause it's gettin old."

2. "Yo why yo bro have to go all palestinian and shoot up that school? All them niggas did was call his sista a ho. And now hes servin life in the pen."
by Ahmad from Lebanon April 09, 2005

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