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A palantír is a magical artifact from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy legendarium. A palantír (sometimes translated as "Seeing Stone" but literally meaning "Farsighted" or "One that Sees from Afar"; cf. English television) is a crystal ball, used for both communication and as a means of seeing events in other parts of the world.
Sauron used the Palantir to communicate with Sauraman.
by genivf November 07, 2015
Sex without a condom. Magical.
Person 1: "Man, last night was awesome!"

Person 2: "Palantir?"

Person 1: "No, unfortunately not yet..."


Person 1: "Yo, that concert rocked!"

Person 2: "Yeah dude, it was so Palantir!"


Person 1: "Dude...I'm sort of scared. Had a Palantir incident last night and I'm second guessing whether it was a good idea..."

Person 2: "Yeah man, sometimes you have to be careful about Palantir."
by KDogg84 August 16, 2011
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