The poster on the door of my toilet, the moment I open the door and step in, I'm in pakistan.
People contribute (excreta) everyday to pakistan
by Muttahida February 26, 2008
A country, which will soon be the biggest threat to the world but unfortunately the international community ignores this fact. What if the terrorist totally overtakes the government with all those deadly weapons?
Pakistan is an international threat to the world, the world must wake up!
by lido February 25, 2007
Pakistan’s highest man is called Qaed e Azam. He is has done nothing but to create a country that has caused so much misery in this world. It deceives the world by pretending to be an ally of the West but in fact it hurts them by creating, arming and sending militants to its neighboring countries and the world.
Pakistan hides the militants in order to hijack the whole world and get money from naïve countries in the west, who believe Pakistan’s lies!
by jaino3 May 31, 2007
A country where every 8 minutes a woman is raped or gang raped.
In Pakistan most of the crimes committed in a village are handled by the village elders. They often order the rape of a woman from the family of the accused. The verdict is then carried out by mostly more than five male from the victims village.
by saddd April 02, 2007
A country where people think terrorism originated. They're probably right and, to be honest, I don't blame them. I mean, Pakistan gets a lot of bad press from the media because of a small group of people thinking that if they blow up a few buildings, they will go to heaven. Well, they're wrong. It does nothing but kill innocent people and makes the media brainwashes more people into thinking that Pakistan is the worst place on Earth. As a fourteen year old Muslim girl, I find it offending to read what people have written about Pakistan. But it's not their fault. It's the terrorists fault for giving Pakistan a bad name. But then, I also think that people are ignorant when they are asked to describe Pakistan. Yes, women are treated unfairly but they do not get raped and/or killed every eight minutes. If that did happen, don't you think the media would have written something about it by now? And yes, the political side of Pakistan is failing. Miserably. Sometimes I think I should go out there and run for President because the last few have been utterly useless. If I were President, I'd build more orphanages and more women's refuges because I've been to some of the poorest areas in Pakistan and what I saw, I'll never forget. There was this one boy who was in a thin pair Shalwar Kameez, on the side of the motorway because his parent's had kicked him out or they had died. It's not that parent's don't look after their children, it's because they can't afford to. Would any of us be able to have 10+ children and live on 50p a week? I don't think so. So it'd be nice to see people stop making ignorant comments about the condition of Pakistan and how the women and children are treated because, frankly, they deserve better than that, don't you think?
Person 1: I hate the Paki's

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: They blew up the Twin Towers

Person 2: You shouldn't hate them because of that. It wasn't their fault.

Person 1: Oh my God, are you a Paki lover now?

Person 2: No, I just think it wasn't the whole of Pakistan's fault for the bombing of the Twin Towers

Person 1: Errr! Paki Lover!
by Qudrat August 20, 2008
synonym of KASIFSTAN which means dirty.. although pak means clean dirty is the right word to decribe this 3rd world country
Hey he is form pakistan, thats why he is so dirty
by Behnaz February 27, 2008
Country full of good people with a few exceptions, im british, living in london. For me pakistanis beat americans and french hands down. Pakistani's have some of the best food and drink in the world. The most romantic language (urdu). They are cleaner than the average toilet paper user because muslim showers are effective. Pakistanis are polite, reserved people with strong senses of honour and a connection with the land that almost noone has. The government under Musharraf was shit now theres a chance for them to change.

Most people cannot grasp that a non-western country which a few hardline extremists terrorise is worth visiting, they are wrong pakistan is alive and the people are like no other. Every single bache, baba, etc are worth taking time to talk to. You'll learn and feel more in 2 days in Pakistan than 23years in any westernised city or countryside.
Asalaam Alekum,
Sunna Bhai!!!
Pakistan Zindabad. Mere honaywali biwi pakistani hai. America aur france achebad.
Yeh pakistan ache dahrti hai.
Pakistan mere dil dhamak dhamak karo.
Khoda Hafiz

Hello Peace be upon you, Brother listen. Long live pakistan. My future wife is pakistani. America and france are not good. Pakistan has good land. Pakistan makes my heart go dhamak dhamak. Goodbye
by Yeh Ache Urdu Nahin Hai March 28, 2008
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