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Just another word to describe a pasty white kid who tends to be quite fluffy during the holidays. This pasty usually complains that he cannot find enough time in the day to consume his desired amount of donuts. The pasties led by king pasty (pahks) are usually from the cold, miserable, wanna-be cool northeastern state of Massachusetts.
Today Pahks was not a happy camper because Mcdonalds ran out of double cheese burgers.
by CUZZZ IM FROM NEWWW YORRKKK September 08, 2010
This should read 'park' as in 'Park your car'. It is a not too kindly knock by outsiders on how people native to the Boston, Massachusetts area pronounce words that include the letter 'r'. Interestingly enough, there are other words where the letter 'r' is added where it does not belong; words ending with the letter 'a'. See examples of both. This 'Boston area' speak has its roots in Great Britain where it is still used in certain parts of England and not necessarily just by the lower classes, but also the upper classes.
'Pahk yah cah in Hahvahd Yahd' should read 'Park your car in Harvard Yard'. This phrase is often given as an extreme example. Other examples of the missing 'r': the smoker; the drinker; that's pisser (vulgar slang) becomes the smokah; the drinkah; that's pissah. An example where the letter 'r' is added where it doesn't belong: The female name Linda becomes Linder.
by DuxburyDan January 27, 2014
A word used to substitute the f-word. Originated from how the Koreans pronounce a common Korean last name, "Park".

This word is pronounced like "pawk" or "pauk".
"I told you not to sleep with her! She's my girlfriend! Pahk you!"
by phoenicamacia November 05, 2011

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