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When two or more co-workers decide to fornicate with a, or multiple, persons. One co-worker will hide inside the closet, while the other performs sexual actions on the Person(s), who are unknowing of the other co-worker's where-abouts. While the Person(s) is smitten in the act, the co-worker will come from the closet and take over without any notice from the Person(s). This may continue to happen as much as possible until the Person(s) has figured out what is going on. This becomes a success when the Person(s) does figure out what is going on, and is either okay with it, or starts to laugh.
We went out after work last night and found a really cute girl from the bar. We took her back to our place for a few drinks. While she was on the phone, we decided to play her the ol' Pagliacci Turnpike, so I went and hid in the closet, while my co-worker to care of the foreplay.
by chimsu February 18, 2011
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