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Pach short for "Apache" is the word used to describe a man with native heritage as well as the "White man" blood. Such a man has strong beliefs for his native background and does not tolerate discrimination against his kind. Though he lives in a white society with particularly white habits, his native background is never forgotten and often he will make attempts to ensure this. Pach also hates white B*tches who mistake his nickname for things such as "sperm" and "wanking it".
1. Pach is a boss mother f***er.
2. Hey Pach, want to go get a tattoo of a tomahawk on our shoulders?
3. Oh Pach, that girl just called you a sperm gonna take that?
#pach #apache #white-man #native #discrimination #nickname
by B.I.G LeBowSki January 14, 2013
The abbreviated form of Papa Burger with Cheese from A&W restaurants. Commonly used by cooks to communicate with cashiers and clarify orders. :)
So do they want no pickles on that pach combo?
#pach #pach combo #a&w #strawberry #hill #cooks #cashiers #canadian
by A&W Restaurants January 01, 2008
pach it self means sperm, the male seeds that come free when ejaculating

but it can be used in other meanings too.
like for wanking and have sex, though most of the time for wanking.
boy1: what are you going to do when you get home?
swaf: im going to pach myself...
boy1: and you??
battyaap: im going to pach in a monkeys ass
#sperm #swaf #battyaap #wanking #ejaculating
by doofstick November 28, 2007
Misspelling of the word patch used to describe a software patch that will never come true.
I want a net pach for Liero!!1
by ChanibaL May 01, 2005
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