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The current designation for any group of hipsters found in the wild.
"Look there.. it's a pabst of hipsters. Look at those ironic shirts..."
by endlessmonkeys March 10, 2010
The very act of posting something on the Internet that absolutely ignores all rules regarding spelling, syntax, and punctuation. Grammarape will be the ultimate undoing of the Internet and will be what convinces alien life forms to completely bypass our planet as nothing more than an intergalactic truck stop.

Please note.. this is about GRAMMAR. Yes, the word looks like "Gramma Rape," but please understand that this has nothing to do with sexually violating your mother's mother.
"I'm pleased to see that you performed a heinous grammarape in that email to me."
by endlessmonkeys November 13, 2009
A relationship that blends aspects of a casual relationship (no strings, random physical interactions) and a serious relationship (dedicated partner, formal exchanges like "I love you," etc). A caserous relationship often begins when two people want a serious relationship, but aren't ready to mentally acknowledge it.
"Linda and I are in a rather caserous relationship"
by endlessmonkeys November 02, 2009
Any sort of food or consumable product that reminds someone of any oddly bizarre sexual practice from Japan. May, or may not include tentacles.
"These tentacle sugar cookies are totally hentailicious!"
by endlessmonkeys March 07, 2012

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