Similar to camping in videos games, but instead of staying in one spot and waiting; the person constantly moves inside of a single area. This allows them to control an area of there liking without having to sit down all game.
Gamer'1: Dude watch out when you go inside of that building there's a guy patrolling the entire lobby area.
by gkiller2100 November 15, 2012
Top Definition
Searching for a spot to do you. Seeking a destination to perform a particular and in few cases ethically questionable action.
"Paul got some flowers, let's get patrolling in the park for a sesh."

"There is too many ratchets patrolling the club tonight."
by SpliffBoom March 04, 2014
When your parents are peeking from behind the door, or entering your room on the least situtation you wanted to be discovered doing.
I won't open that link there is some PaTrolling going around over here.
by Voikiller March 28, 2012
not wearing a shirt under a hoodie
" that girl is definetly patrolling today, look you can see her nipples through her hoodie"
by poopshoot0505 April 12, 2009
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