Pecker Wood Pride used by a bunch of skin heads who belong to the Pecker wood gang often tatooed on a persons arm to show their hatred against people who are diffrent
PWP yo bitch u better not be of mixed race or Ill kick your ass *Note said with a red neck accent*
by Wilhelm January 27, 2004
Top Definition
Means "Plot, What Plot?" or, similarly, "Point, What Point?" Generally refers to a fanfiction in which nothing occurs but steamy, graphic sexual scenes. Usually is OOC (out-of-character) and/or OOT (out-of-timeline; see also TWT ) Often contains yaoi or yuri, instead of the traditional male/female pairing.
Most PWP fics are rated R-NC17.
by Kuri Baka January 14, 2004
"Porno Without Plot", or, alternately, "Plot? What Plot?" Refers to a fanfic in which nothing of import occurs except sexual activity between the characters.
This site will accept all non-PWP submissions.
by Ian Maxwell March 09, 2003
An acronym for "plot? what plot?".
A category of fanfiction, PWP is used to connote a story whose main purpose is erotic stimulation, i.e., pornography.
Warning: this story is nothing more than a little PWP. ^_^
by Loki August 09, 2005
Means "Porn Without Plot" or "Plot, What Plot?"

Often used in the realm of Fanfiction fir fics that include lemon or graphic sexual content. Yaoi and Yuri are usually predominant, however, het pairings have been found.

Characters are often OOC and timelines are usually disregarded.

Damn, did you read that PWP that Jessie wrote?

by xxBrokenDreamer November 27, 2008
Pussy, Weed, Patrone
All i want to do today is get me some P.W.P YA DIGGGG???!
by Mr. EzWider September 28, 2010
Pregnant without permission
Father: Any sort of morality has been shocked to pieces by this dreadful war and quite frankly I am appalled.
Daughter: You needn't worry about me, dad, there's no chance of me getting PWP.
by karpokrat June 29, 2011
Posting While Pooping
OMFG, did you know Rick was PWP'n?
by Ranger187 August 19, 2010
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