verb: short form for "peri vagina"

An African custom of rubbing the penis between a woman's thighs. Became a popular Farkism on October 4, 2005, due to being refernced in an article linked on Fark.com.
"In the process, according to them, the students who were possibly sexually-aroused stripped the singer naked and pv'd her and allegedly performed lewd acts on her body. "
by Adman12 October 04, 2005
Top Definition
Short for a promotional video. Applies mainly to music releases.
"Did you see that PV last night on TV? I can't wait until that song comes out!"
Personal vaporizer, an electronic device that supplies nicotine without delivering as many toxins or passing second hand smoke to others.

Sometimes called e-cigarette, electronic cigarette
There was no smoking allowed, so she vaped on her PV.
by Mary Mag October 27, 2009
Abbreviation of "Potential Victim". When you see a fit girl you'd like to fuck and you want to tell your mate, PV lets them know with no one else being any the wiser.
There's a few PV's over there.
by hotmat24 July 02, 2010
abbr. for photovoltaic, device that generates electricity from light. A form of clean and sustainable energy.
pv cell, pv module, pv system
by Po March 17, 2005
abbreviation for personality vomit, when a person spews intimate details about themselves to a complete stranger or a mere acquaintance.
The entire office and the Fedex guy was aware of when the receptionist was menstruating. He indadvertantly delivered a package at the hour of onset, and he was immediately covered in PV.
by wisk April 24, 2008
Porn virus, usually a Trojan virus that about destroys your computer. Usually received through Limewire or other programs/sites like that.
Pat: Aw, damnit. I knew I shoulda stayed away from limewire porn.

Danny: What happened? did you get a PV?
by Danny Guthrie May 25, 2008
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