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P.U.F (acronym)
1. Verb:

PICK UP FUCK:(Typically) The male counterpart will lift the female counterpart, to a position in which their sex organs are on an even plane, thusly enhancing the overall sexual experience, and making sexual intercourse possible while standing.

2. Noun:

A sexually attractive female who is petite in physical stature, and can therefore be easily maneuvered during sex.
1. I would like to take that girl from Minnesota home and PUF her until I am physical incapable of doing so.

2. There are several PUFs at the University I attend.
by JDABOMB February 05, 2011


Nuf' Said
"How much of a mess can one person be?!" BG
"UGHHH i know! theres really one word to describe "D"" -AlShads
"PUF!" BG and AlShads Unanimously
by BG&ALSHADS March 13, 2011
for when philthy phil says something stupid you reply PUF which is short for phuck you fill
phil: blah blah blah
person responding: PUF
by fata$$ October 12, 2010
A fart, but a sweet one. Preferably a smelly one too!
Did you leave a puf? It smells in here...
by frankeplank August 18, 2009
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