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The phenomenom that occurs when a very small penis is inserted into a vagina and does not touch any part of it, thereby giving neither party stimulation.
I thought we were having sex but I guess I just have a toad in the hole.
by beeyebickiebuy March 28, 2006
The act of sticking a feminine napkin on the windshield of an inappropriately parked vehicle in a parking lot, e.g., a vehicle that is parked on the line taking two spaces.
Look a tha busted ride, let's padinsh his boney ass.
by beeyebickiebuy May 05, 2004
The natural and quite pleasant accentuation that occurs when a long strap or belt is is placed between a woman's breasts, like when they carry a shoulder bag with the strap positioned on the shoulder on the opposite side of their body.
Henry's got excited when he noticed his date's splitits after she fastened her seat belt.
by beeyebickiebuy October 04, 2006
Generally-accepted acronym for Pulpit-Taught Lemmings. This refers to people who allow themselves to be mind-controlled by their church or place of worship. This is most evident by the movement of Christian churches in the US to gain control of the government. Their leaders are currently urging their congregations, which are filled with PTLs, to vote for conservative candidates who will establish the US as a Christian nation.
PTLs are ruining the US by allowing the narrow view of their mind-controlling pastors and priests to interfere with their objective thought and intellect.
by beeyebickiebuy June 16, 2004
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