An abbreviation of "pass the fuck out" in a party or late-night environment, or "pull the fuck over" when on the road.
I'm so wasted. I need to PTFO.

Are those GIANT GOLD UNICORNS on the side of the road? Dude, PTFO!
by KTupsidedown January 22, 2009
Pass The Fuck Out. To become unconscious or go to sleep, either from just being really tired or because of a large consumption of alcohol.
Dude, I am so tired, I'm gonna ptfo...
by Andy0958 April 07, 2008
Peace the fuck out, use PTFO, instead of saying goodbye or see ya later. Mostly used online. Can also be used when angry
OK im outta here, PTFO
by Matt B May 06, 2005
Piss The Fuck Off. Commonly Used When U Very Pissed But Do Not Want Any Stiffs Or Parents To Know What U Mean
Person 1:Im PTFO Bout Dat.
Person 2:Yeah Man. He Shoulda Neva Said Somethin Bout Ya Moms
Person 3:Yeah. I Bet He PTFO Bout Bein In The Hospital Tho.
by Devo2009 January 18, 2007
Peace The Fuck Out. Like when you tell an asshole to leave your party or you tell some bitch to go home.
I totally skeeted on this bitch's face then told her to PTFO!
by Mr. Smidge May 01, 2005

Put the Fuck Out, when a bitch needs to put it out because you need some. Commonly used, combined with Get the Fuck Out, when yelling at the bitches in your dorm when they wont ever leave.
Bitch #1: Fuck that, I'm out of here.
Bitch #3: I gave it up 15 Min ago, I can't do it again already.
Bitch #23: Ooooh baby, give me the double stuff.
by Matt646 September 11, 2006
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