Passed-the-fuck-out. A party term usually referring to the state of unconsciousness as a result of too much alcohol.
Last night I was PTFO on the kitchen floor.
by Rufus February 26, 2003
Top Definition
PTFO. = Play the Fucking Objective.

This term has grown popularity in the First Person Shooter Genre in Multiplayer.

It's mainly used by Battlefield players who come across a squad member(s)
who only attempts to get a high Kill/Death ratio instead of giving useful imput to the
team and playing the objective.
Player 1 - "Oh yes! I'm on a 30 killstreak!"
Player 2 - "No one cares! PTFO or go back to Call of Duty."
by MrMan. July 25, 2011
refers to video games where an objective is present, and stands for Play The Fucking Objective.
Quit being a Bush Wookie and P.T.F.O.!
by jdawghatesyou August 08, 2011
Acronym for "Passed The Fuck Out" inspired by university acrynyms.
Have you seen Dancia recently?

Dude, she's on the couch PTFO.
Doesn't surprise me.
by AaronPetray February 24, 2005
"Play The Fucking Objective"

An acronym that is commonly affiliated with FPS genre, where instead of playing the match for sheer kills and boosting K/D, the player(s) asses up and plays the primary objective for the sake of the team.
Player 1 - "Oh yes! I'm on a 50 killstreak! I am so beast at sniping!"

Player 2 - "No one cares Bush Wookie! PTFO or GTFO!"
by xIDJKingIx November 04, 2011
Acronym based on the phrase "Play The Fucking Objective!" It's used in objective based multiplayer video games like Battlefield when the team is losing because players are doing other things and ignoring the objectives.
A team is losing a game because they don't have anymore flags, and most of the players are too busy trying to get kills instead of capturing flags. A team member will shout in chat or over VOIP "PTFO!" to try and get the team to realize that they need to be capturing flags.
by Dex Luther January 19, 2012
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