PTFS an acronym for Post Traumatic Fall Syndrome.
Mostly use by skaters and longboarders. It is to describe the distress that one may acquire after a major fall off a longboard or a skateboard.
Person 1: Mannn Eddy hasn't been the same after the 20 stitches he got on his head from his last fall.
Person 2: Yea he can't even look at his new Dervish. I think he has a case of PTFS.
Person 1 and 2: Fooo shooo.
by Fan Eddy February 10, 2010
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To be screwed over by life, without any warning or chance to escape. Covers a wide variety of siutations.
Ed: I picked up a girl on friday night, went back to her place and then she showed me her wiener.
Jon: You were PTF'd
by foug March 24, 2003
Project Task Force

Bunch of dudes who totally kicked arse in a project. And OWN, generally in life.
Eg. Like 3 people who worked an E-commerce project, and formed a bond and a hashtag for life #PTF
by MorganFreeman666 December 02, 2013
"Part time fuck" used to refer to someone who's not a longer term partner.
a: What happened to mike?
b: oh, he's just a ptf
by bacir January 01, 2008
A software fix for the IBM iSeries family of midrange servers.
I downloaded a PTF to fix my database problem.
by Kurt Schroeder February 16, 2005
"palm to face"
Ptf to that guy over there.
by Giraffeeric December 07, 2011
Potential To Frat.

When a person, place, or thing shows potential to be frat-worthy.
Bro #1: "That pledge just did a minute long keg stand!"
Bro #2: "Bro, he's got PTF."
by Bitches_Upotheke September 25, 2011
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