Short for "Pump The Brakes." An forceful invitation to stop talking/shouting/getting excited/doing whatever you're doing (often sexually related) and calm down.
example 1: "After what I saw happen to Sierra on that rooftop, I just had to tell them to PTB. I mean, I know they were drunk and all, but seriously it was just gross."

example 2:

"gay guy - …then we got to my house, he took his clothes off so fast and his ripped-ass body was, like, yummy, …
straight guy - … //panicks// Oooookkkkkaaaaayyy…
gay guy - then we sprinted to my roommate's bedroom, I knelt down…
straight guy - Okay just PTB, man! PPPPPPPTB right now!"

example 3:
"- I am moving to Mexico in a month!
- OK, why don't you PTB first."
by JustPTB March 14, 2011
Post Taco Bell Syndrome; the energy crash and gas pains and cramps that hit you 1-2 hours after indulging in too much Taco Bell goodness
We went to Taco Bell for a midnight snack and then passed out on the couch in a PTBS stupor.
by martinadesign June 09, 2009
Place To Be.

Everyone who's anyone gathers at this spot. There is never a dull moment, and the people who are there think they are the shit.
"That house party had a sign hanging on the door that said PTB."

"What's that mean?"

"Place to be, man..."
by Dre-Dre4 September 09, 2009
Pop Tag Boss.

A group that reps the crip gang.
they call themselves PTB.
Boss Dollasz: i rep PTB. What about you Dippa?
Don Dippa: PTB!
by bosswifey August 11, 2010
The Powers That Be, i.e., those in positions of authority.
He applied for a liquor license, but the PTB didn't want the club gettin' too popular, so they turned him down.
by Mark Dixon August 11, 2004
PTB refers to the P-Town Ballers the original band that contained most of the original members of the Kottonmouth Kings. P-Town refers to Placentia California where several members grew up.
Once again I said it, my name's SD
It's just another day of a P-T-B
by Big Johnny January 07, 2005
Potential To Blimp. Typically younger females are rated on the PTB scale from one to ten with one being least likely and 10 being guaranteed. One sure way to verify a young woman's PTB is to meet her mother.

Hey, that girl you thought was hot has bad PTB. Her mom is huge, and she has cankles.
by ap12ap13 October 22, 2008
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