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short for: League Championship series; the european and north american e-sports pro league
Hey, do you want to watch the european LCS today?
by Bustay March 07, 2014
Abbreviation (usually used on the internet) for "local comic shop" - a comic book store one typically patronizes due to its convenient geographic proximity. Often referred to as "my LCS."
I wish more of the guys at my LCS were crushworthy. As it is the clerk that spends most of his time there rattles on about Harry Potter and seems forever 37 going on 15. Not exactly the turn on.
by FrayedEdge March 21, 2006
Acronym for Laugh Chuckle Sigh which is commonly used by women because the female species laughs which turns into a chuckle and then inevitably turns into a sigh
that bitch just LCSed
could be used to replace the common acronym LoL, LAWLZ, LMAOGLES, LOLCANO, ROFLCOPTER, Rofl,lmao, and haha
by dick_everlyskyward December 19, 2008
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