PSP: Handheld gaming system developed by Sony, a competitor to Nintendo's DS. The PSP is a great handhelp, but suffered a few drawbacks early on. The PSP uses UMD's (Universal Media Disk) to run it's games, which can hold about 1.8 gigabytes of data, more than enough to run a game with great graphics and a large lifespan. The PSP has a varying battery lifespan depending on the game you play, or what other funtions you use, such as watching films or music. A game that has a lot going on with great graphics will have a shorter battery life, wheras a simple puzzler will have a much longer one. The PSP uses a simple, effective memory stick for game saves, music, updates, and anything else that takes your fancy. You do NOT need to buy these to run your PSP, as it functions perfectly well with the 32 megabyte stick provided, or the 1.0 gigabyte stick provided with the Giga Pack. You DO need a larger stick to run the PSP at it's full potential, but it is not nessasary.

Pros of PSP:
-Impressive Graphics
-Built in mp3 player
-Sexy looks
-16.7 million colour LCD display
-Huge Games
-Feels... -right-!
-A portable penis extension (ie, chick magnet)

Pros of DS:
-Dual Screen
-Good battery life
-Good loading times

Cons of PSP:
-Shorter battery
-Bad loading times
-A little expensive for some
-Easily damaged screen

Cons of DS:
-Cheap feeling
-Smaller screens
-Pop up graphics
-Cheap feeling/small stylus
-Overpriced for what you get
-Limited number of games use Dual Screen function
-Most of the owners are 'tendo fanboys
Buddy 1: "Hey man is that the new PSP? Awesome, can I have a go?
Me: "Sure, Lemme just finish this level and save."
Buddy 2: "I wish I had waited a month or two more and bought that instead of the DS."
Me: "Don't feel bad man, once Buddy 1 here is done on it you can have a go and I'll try Mario, okay?"
Buddy 1: "Wow this is awesome!"
Buddy 2: "Yeah!"
Me: "Mario ain't bad, but why do those trees seem so flat?!"
by sleepygamer March 04, 2006
1. PlayStation Portable: Sony's Handheld PlayStatio-*battery dies*
Hey, wanna play PSP? *disc read error* *UMD flies out*
by hi December 28, 2004
Stands for PlayStation Portable, Sony's handheld video-game device. Released in Japan in December 2004 and March 2005 in the USA.
That kid is playing his PSP
by Damian March 27, 2005
All of you are wrong. It stands for Pretty Small Penis.
WOW, Jake has a PSP. And did you really play it??? Thats gross!!!
by Jenna Lover April 30, 2005
A promising handheld manufactured by Sony which has fallen relatively short of expectations, due to numerous fundamental flaws and a lacklustre games catalogue. Beyond the slick, glossy look and expansive but half-baked media capabilities, lies a surface which attracts finger oils like an oxy pad and demands more care than a mentally-deficient infant, poor memory options with the outrageously expensive 'memory duo stick', a piss-poor battery life, which despite being dependent on how graphically intensive a game is, is still unacceptably low, and a software catalogue which comprises of a plethora of ports and rehashes.

Regardless, it has phenomenal technical capabilities and better titles are further down the line, such as Exit.

One of its trademark symbols is reflective of its functions, which include pictures, movies, music and most importantly, games. In addition, it has its own web browser and frequent firmware updates add various new features, such as support for different file formats.
Open-minded gamer: It's difficult for me to say a whole lot of positive things about the PSP at this moment in time, but eventually Sony will iron out these first-generation flaws and we'll see a better range of games.
by Reju January 03, 2006
Both sony and nintendo fans are acting ridiculous. Ds and psp are both wonderful systems, equally revolutionary in their own way, as well as they both have their own faults. Here we go:

Cost: The DS is an incredible low price as we would expect from Nintendo. Yes, the psp is expensive, but considering it has dvd capabilities and other functions, you cant expect it to cost as much as a DS.

Controls/size: Both of these systems were originally flawed in this category. The ds was bulky and fragile, but the newly released ds lite fixed these problems. As for the psps poor control and size...its Sonys first handheld, give them a break. And the low battery, why the hell would you play for 6 hours straight anyway??

Games: I AM SO FUCKING TIRED OF PEOPLE SAYING THE DS IS A KIDDY SYSTEM! It is indeed not, they are quality games, that were actually created with care and knowledge of what was going on. The graphics are revolutionary for a handheld. The psp has great games, and slightly better graphics, but graphics do not matter, gameplay does, so its a plus.

In conclusion: Both systems are revolutionary with their graphics, capability, and design. Neither one is better than the other, as their pros and cons even each other out. By bashing because of simple factors only shows you have nothing better to do
I prefer ds, but the psp is great as well.
Hey, I love the psp, but I think Ill give the ds a shot.
by gamecrititic June 19, 2006
short for playstation portable, it is a portable gaming system recently made by sony entertainment in an effort to sweep the legs of nintendo out from under them. at its release the psp said to play games, music, and movies on one system. initially the idea seemed good, but many people began to realize the fatal flaws that Sony had made, including it's proprietary UMD discs for games and movies, a short battery life, bad coding. but above all the biggest mistake for sony was that honestly all they had done recreate the laptop computer, which has done everything the PSP does for the last 3 years.
UMD's cost about the same as a DVD, but can only be used on the PSP, while the DVD can be used by anything with a dvd drive on it.
Sony released for mandatory firmware updates in the first six months to prevent hacking.
the best selling games for the playstation pointless have been racers or puzzle games.
by Condord4myt October 06, 2005
The Playstation Portable, a great system.
The PSP is a handheld game system developed by Sony. It can display excelent graphics, and the 1. generation of PSP games looks as good as the 1. generation of PS2 games.

Many Nintendo fanboys criticises the PSP because it has PS2 ports, low battery life, and because of it's price. The DS, however, has rehashes and ports of Mario Games, which can be played on Nintendo 64 and GC with better graphics, it does not have support for GPS, or Eye-Toy, and it can not play movies, nor MP3s. The PSP is also much, much more powerfull than the DS, and uses 1.8 GB UMDs, the DS uses memory sticks on maximum 64 MB. All this makes it more reasonably priced than the DS. Many Nintendo fanboys ignores this, since they can't find any arguments against it.

The PSP has exclusive games within well known, and classic franchises, such as GTA: LCS, GTA: VCS, Daxter, Tekken: DR, etc.

The PSP vs. DS debate, is more or less stupid, like all the other fanboy wars.
by Reodor Felgen October 17, 2006

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