A promising handheld manufactured by Sony which has fallen relatively short of expectations, due to numerous fundamental flaws and a lacklustre games catalogue. Beyond the slick, glossy look and expansive but half-baked media capabilities, lies a surface which attracts finger oils like an oxy pad and demands more care than a mentally-deficient infant, poor memory options with the outrageously expensive 'memory duo stick', a piss-poor battery life, which despite being dependent on how graphically intensive a game is, is still unacceptably low, and a software catalogue which comprises of a plethora of ports and rehashes.

Regardless, it has phenomenal technical capabilities and better titles are further down the line, such as Exit.

One of its trademark symbols is reflective of its functions, which include pictures, movies, music and most importantly, games. In addition, it has its own web browser and frequent firmware updates add various new features, such as support for different file formats.
Open-minded gamer: It's difficult for me to say a whole lot of positive things about the PSP at this moment in time, but eventually Sony will iron out these first-generation flaws and we'll see a better range of games.
by Reju January 03, 2006
acronym for one of these phrases: Pretty small penis, pretty sweet package, portable system of pleasure.

it all depends how you use it.
dude 1: so i was with this chick last night....

dude 2: yeah...?

dude 1: she told me a had a psp...

dude 3: a pretty sweet package?

dude 1: no...a pretty small penis...*runs and cries*
by Torched Up: JoJo ThunderBoltz April 08, 2010
PSP = playstation portable, the term psp also stands for the following words psp = pretty small penis so if u have a psp im sorry
girl:yo! my boyfriend got a psp.

dude: wow im so sorry...
by Criss4105 September 02, 2009
Owning a DS and a PSP, I'd say PSP beats the DS because of the custom firmware.
by bbg8 September 11, 2008
PSP -Play Station Portable
Yo you got one these, than you fly like mafucker
the psp battery last 20x better than an ipod and if
you dont have a good memory stick, than jack one mayne

yall whak mafuckers, aint stole nuttin in ur life
fuck yall definitions out there, shit mayne i can talk real
:you heard about the psp
:shit mayne, best shit since N.W.A.
by K.O.KING April 04, 2006
A famous portable device that is hated by nerdy nintendo fanboys and is WAY too overrated by PSP graphic whoring dumbasses

Who cares, both handhelds are good so far. Just cause the PSP plays Mp3s (Ever heard of CD PLAYERS) and videos/movies (Quite impressive) doesn't mean its incredibly good instantly.

Be GLAD sonyroolz isn't here.
Nerdy Nintendo Fanboy: The Nintedo DS's touch screen gives innovation thatnintendobeenonmarket.....(SNORT)))

by That one guy May 02, 2005
I actually own one of these beauties and it rocks. The screen is amazing, super crisp and clear (although it does ghost a bit but only nit pickers would complain about it), the MP3 sound is very good, pictures look incredible as do videos off of the memory stick. The games are awesome, most of the launch games are very good (except Dynasty Warriors :( ) and more are coming in May. There are some bad things, and the biggest thing is the price. $250 is pretty steep, and since most stores make you buy a bundle it can easily reach $300 or more, and thats not even with a game. The only other things is that the UMD is a little noisy when it loads and the screen isnt protected (it comes with a case though). The games may seem expensive but since they have all the same features and levels as the console it doesnt seem as expensive. As for all the stuff you have heard on the internet its all crap. UMDs dont fly out if you twist the unit (it doenst twist anyway and why would you?), there aren't any dics read errors and the average battery life is 3-6 hours, or over 10 if your looking/listening at media on the stick(plus the battery charges quickly even if you are playing while its charging.

This thing blows the DS out of the water on almost every level. Once you have played a PSP you will never go back to the touch screen.
It was worth every penny
by Toast April 21, 2005
Definition 1 (Playstation Portable) - Sony's only portable system for video games. It rivals the Nintendo DS for supremacy of the portable video game market, and can also display images, audio and video. Additionally, it has support for wireless gameplay and internet surfing. Gameplay through the Universal Media Disc (UMD) can be laggy and choppy, along with excessive loading times. Despite this fact, UMDs can hold up to 1.8 GB of data. A large disadvantage is that the PSP lacks innovativity for gameplay, and has a rather low battery life while playing UMD games.

Definition 2 (Paint Shop Pro) - Large-scale graphic-editing software designed by Jasc Software. Rivals Adobe's Photoshop for the graphic-editing software market, despite its low price compared to Photoshop. However, the software is made specifically for Windows Operating Systems only, and is an obvious turn-off to non-Windows users because of it.
1) The PSP is superior to the DS when it comes to hardware specifications, but falls short in terms of gameplay innovativity.

2) PSP is a cheap alternative to Photoshop if you have a Windows OS.
by Spirit Pyromaniac January 01, 2007

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