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The Ultimate Supercar!
I wish I could own a 300zx.
by Franz April 30, 2003
Not at all the type of person to sell their soul for $2:50.
Second Best $2:50 I ever spent!
by Franz May 07, 2005
A lunch that is free. It does exist but only one has been sighted.
Dave: YO BUBBA, what you doin' for lunch?
Bubba: I'm gettin' me a freelunch, man.
Bubba(Goathead): I reckon you're full of poop.
by Franz November 20, 2004
African American word for "Sure enough" but slammed together to make the amount of idiotic words escaping from their lips minimal.
Bitch, you uuuuuugly
by Franz August 11, 2003
n. just about any group of cooworkers from another country that inhabit you workplace in large numbers.
what ? me ? get a umpa lumpa to do it.
by Franz February 11, 2004
A synonym for "homosexual"
Damn VRGTS, walking around in skirts and kissing boys all the time.
by Franz March 26, 2003
1 The ancient history of the word borange is quite a tale. first used by the vikings in the latter part of the 13th century, borange, in their strange furry world, was used to refer to the common cold. 2 it was then forgotten through the ages until early 18th century when it resurfaced with king graham of monaco, who used the word to describe the act of chasing nomad chickens from the royal court.
1 ie - chief nantuck has the borange.
2 ie - ahh i must borange these here chickens before dinner time
by franz January 04, 2005
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