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Public School Girl

Easily identifiable by shiny hair tossed casually approx. every 3 minutes, designer handbags, daddy's porsche and secret smoking habit. Pashmina ESSENTIAL.

Favourite things include getting laid by their gardeners, going to raves and maxing out daddy's credit card in Harvey Nicks.
<Pirate 1> Thar be a PSG.
<Pirate 2> Aye! So thar be.
by Posh Nosh February 15, 2005
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Short for 'Post Sexual Glow,' the high felt after a sexual interaction.
Ce drove home from her date with a major case of PSG

"I'm PSGing so hard right now"
by ratchet2k15 March 22, 2015
Psg. Pcp. Angeldust. Boogersugar. All the same.

Its a drug that makes you extremely violent and feel no pain. Some people cause serious or fatal damage to themselves under psg.
Alicia only has one hand because of a little 'accident' on psg.
by FMLandSMD August 06, 2009
An abbreviation for Pet Shop Girl. This type of person is usually found in or around Pet Shops. She would be found to have an attraction to Hamdog's and is commonly greeted by the phrase, "Hi".
Hey dood, there's PSG, I think I need more dogfood... brb
by na_vtec July 05, 2007

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