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Poisonous Sperm Build-up.
This is the male version of PMS. Characterized by moody outbursts and a generally disagreeable disposition. Caused when a male allows other life issues to get in the way of not properly taking care of his sexual needs.
Dick is being such an a#*hole tonight. Must be the PSB - that time of the month.
by mark77nyc March 11, 2008
16 32
(n.) Professional Spring Breaker.

Mid twenties males who work all year as waiters or managers of small retail stores to afford a one week vacation in Cancun every Spring break. PSBs can be identified by their muscles, barbed wire tattoos, spiked haircuts, backpacks, board-shorts, and the ever-present can of Natural Ice beer in hand. PSBs are loud and like to high-five their "brahs" when they do something in front of females that most other people would consider rude or embarassing.

PSB's are subclassified as PSB cat 1 (category 1), cat 2 (category 2), and cat 3 (category 3).

Most PSBs attended Syracuse University and majored in accounting.
Man, you're a friggin' PSB!

What bro? PS-what? Yo dog, let's go scam on that ho...Hey ho!
by Futureman June 30, 2004
17 34
Polk Street Boyz, an asian crip gang that resides in North Highlands California also known as north sacramento.
Them PSB niggas are runnin the blocc again.
by Chen Chea tha Swift May 21, 2006
49 67
Pot Smoking Bitch.

Can also be referred to Pretty Slutty Bitch.
Wow Andy's in love with PSB.
by Jay Wizzle March 19, 2008
9 33
professional soccer bitch
by Gisriel October 15, 2003
5 50