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A person who runs a small(usually illegal) but successful business in the ghetto.
She's a ghettopreneur: she's been sellin' bootleg clothes from China for years.

Miguel's got the best crack sells of all ghettopreneurs round here.

Before Jay Z was a rapper he was a ghettopreneur.
by EricKay August 06, 2009
U have herpes.
Because there's a cold sore on the lips of the smiley.
Facebook chat guy- Hey there,I like ur photo.Can we hook up sometime?

Facebook girl- Y? It's not like we are real friends we r just facebook friends. And then there's the other thing..

Facebook guy-what?

Facebook chic :-).

Facebook guy: is now offline
by EricKay September 11, 2009
Porn star boobs
Damn! She's got some psbs on her.
His mom's still got some psb!
by EricKay March 17, 2010
1. Intense and passionate liking for sth or sm1.Mostly short-lived.

2. Weird chemistry among people or things
1.Everyone's so gay for facebook!

Guys are generally gay for a beer and some ass.

2.My Pal: Dude,have you heard the new Em song dissin Mariah?

Me: Yup!Pretty dope,eminem is a battle MC n the Dr Dre beat was off the hook.

My Pal:I'm telling you when eminem works with Dre they always come out with some sick shit.

Me: The two are totally gay for each other.

My Pal: *punches me in the face*
by EricKay August 05, 2009

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