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Olde English word for "poopie."
Humpledink: Mary, what's that on ye face?

Mary: Hmm? What ever do ye mean?

Humpledink: Right there! Aside ye nose.

Mary: Oh yes, this...hmm...pudding perhaps. Yes?

Humpledink: Mary...wait...tis...TIS SHYTE!
by Futureman June 29, 2004
(question) From the Sigmanese for "What's going on, Fetty?"

(noun) An unshaven, drunken, fu-man-chu sporting, dude rag wearing folk hero who earned Buckeyes in the L.R.

"Not much man, skoan with you?"
by Futureman June 29, 2004
Joel Cahill
Omg your such a dickflop
by futureman February 16, 2004
(n.) Professional Spring Breaker.

Mid twenties males who work all year as waiters or managers of small retail stores to afford a one week vacation in Cancun every Spring break. PSBs can be identified by their muscles, barbed wire tattoos, spiked haircuts, backpacks, board-shorts, and the ever-present can of Natural Ice beer in hand. PSBs are loud and like to high-five their "brahs" when they do something in front of females that most other people would consider rude or embarassing.

PSB's are subclassified as PSB cat 1 (category 1), cat 2 (category 2), and cat 3 (category 3).

Most PSBs attended Syracuse University and majored in accounting.
Man, you're a friggin' PSB!

What bro? PS-what? Yo dog, let's go scam on that ho...Hey ho!
by Futureman June 30, 2004
A fratty southerner's way of asking if someone is "burning down the house," meaning "are you drinking a lot these days?"

"Naw, not as much these days, brah."
by Futureman June 29, 2004
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