Sony's new next-gen system. It will be available spring 2006 and Sony has said it will have the best graphics of the 3 next-gen heavyweights. However, this is total BS because the Xbox 360 is comfirmed to have better overall performance. All Sony did was over-hype their machine using fancy specs like "floating point operations" and crammed in 7 pointless chips.

When looking at the systems design you can see that it looks like a printer from the 80's and the controller looks like a banana. Sony fanboys enter a state of mind in which their mind blocks out all images of the PS3's design and tricks them into focusing soly one the PS3's total BS specs upon seeing photo's of it.
Xbox fanboy:The PS3 looks more like a mini-fridge than a game console.

Sony fanboy:but the PS3 is more powerful!!

Xbox fanboy:

Sony fanboy:NOOOOOO!!!
by wintrblzzrd May 23, 2005
Console that looks like it will be mad expensive, but looks wicked graphics wise. However, much debate is going on over the footage presented at E3 2005.
PS3 looks way better than the previous varients, and may actually have games that appeal to Nintendo fans and PS3 fans. That coming from a guy who owns a Gamecube and a xbox and has only bought one playstaion (PS1) and took it back because he thought it was a piece of shit.
by chrisguy May 20, 2005
One of the ugliest consoles ever made. Offering wireless dildos for controllers and the console looks like the next George Foreman grill. Made by a company (Sony) that puts spyware in their music CD's that makes peoples computers vulnerable to virus'. Sony also has ilegally advertised their PSP in Chicago by paying someone to make graffiti drawings about the PSP on city walls without permision. Also demostrating anti-360 propaganda by paying its Koyeo employees to spread rumors about the xbox 360 freezing, scratching discs etc. Sony is one of the most dishonest companies, they're are always using disgusting business tactics to bring down their more honest competitors such as Sega. There is always a big gap between what Sony says about their consoles, and what they actually show (such as E3, when they used a computer to make those graphics and say it was their PS3. Sony says other consoles break and explode, but dont mention that over 3 million of their sold PS2's broke, or the fact that a majority of their PSP's have an extremely low battery or dead pixels on the extremely sensitive screen that Sony charges $100.00 to repair.
John: Hey I got me a PS2
Larry: Sweet I got a PSP
John: Cool, but mine isn't working
Larry: Mine has a couple of dead pixels and scratches on the screen.
John: Did you try getting yours fixed?
Larry: Yeah, but Sony wanted me to pay $100.00 to get it repaired.
John: Yeah me too!!!
Larry: Should we still get a PS3?
John: Nah, the controllers look like dildos.
by RamuneMatt January 07, 2006
the ultimate system in which real gamers by and 360 and wii fanboys dog because they know ps3 will sell more consoles very soon because its obviously the best console of all
i got a wii and 360 they rock ps3's balls

do they (pulls out a list of all teh amazing games and features it can do)

(person with no ps3 dies a painful death for being and dumass)
by ulto bane June 16, 2007
The best fucking game system which kicks xbox and xbox 360s ass! PS3 has better graphics, better looks, better speed, just better than xbox's period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS3 rules! Play b3yond!
PS3 is The best fucking game system that kicks xbox and xbox 360 ass! PS3 rules!
by Shelby A and Sabrina April 03, 2007

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