Sony's new next-gen system. It will be available spring 2006 and Sony has said it will have the best graphics of the 3 next-gen heavyweights. However, this is total BS because the Xbox 360 is comfirmed to have better overall performance. All Sony did was over-hype their machine using fancy specs like "floating point operations" and crammed in 7 pointless chips.

When looking at the systems design you can see that it looks like a printer from the 80's and the controller looks like a banana. Sony fanboys enter a state of mind in which their mind blocks out all images of the PS3's design and tricks them into focusing soly one the PS3's total BS specs upon seeing photo's of it.
Xbox fanboy:The PS3 looks more like a mini-fridge than a game console.

Sony fanboy:but the PS3 is more powerful!!

Xbox fanboy:

Sony fanboy:NOOOOOO!!!
by wintrblzzrd May 23, 2005
The white elephant of the Sony Playstation series. Despite the fact there were riots in the streets as fans fought over it, the console is quite the most over-priced, ugly thing in video-gaming history. The control pads are wireless (I once bought wireless control pads for a console and they were a nightmare to use). They will cost gamers a fortune in batteries. Sony have already, rather unwisely, announced the PS4, the PS3 is not compatible with PS2 or PS1 games, and the PS3's game line-up is frankly pathetic.
According to Sony, the PS3 will have "4D graphics". Meaning they can travel through time? The PS3 can also fly you to any planet of your choice, cure all known diseases, work out how humanity can exist without wars, famine or suffering and ensure peace and love reign forever.
by Stormsworder October 15, 2007
i 600$ gaming console that you will get only 2 hours of gamplay out of but will watch blue ray until blue ray fails like umd and beta
you enter a door then.... YOU TAKE a left you see a a large black peice of poop oh wait its a fridge u find warm colas you try to put them in but wait it wont open your are in the twilight zone. (or own a ps3)
by nick schuler June 15, 2007
PS3, Playstation3 .
The most advanced gaming console on the planet, the only console that outputs true 1080p HD image. Has blu-ray player which recently won the format war against its second rate rival, HDDVD. Provides flawless online gaming and has the ability to host lag-less gaming servers to (the max at time of writing) 64 players.
has cured multiple illnesses since its release thanxs to its compatibility with Folding@home.
its rivals include the X box 360 which is less powerful, has less processing power, memory etc... but costs less. other rival includes the wii, which connects pedophiles to little children world wide.
PS3 is the best looking console also. it is sexy.
guy:i wish i had sonething to spend my £425 on
guy2: how about the most advanced games console money can buy?
guy:you mean the PS3?
guy2:how did you know?
guy:well duh..

gay:omg i cant believe my xbox 360 has broke again! this is the 5th time this week that this inferior machine has fucked me about!
guy:why dont you buy a PS3, they have no glitches and there hasnt been a single problem with them yet
gay: oh im sorry im a Xbox fanboy, im gay

little boy: hehe i gowt a nintedoo wii for chwistmass
pedophile: do you want to see some puppies?
by DanzNewty September 02, 2007
sony playstation 3, it was released @ E3 2005, looks like a fridge door with dildos as controllers
hey look, timmys got a fridge door and 2 dildos, whatafreak,
by spyrolot May 17, 2005
The new console from Sony. Looks hideous with a controller that has caused more commotion than at the Xbox's unveiling. You could attached string to the Baterang like controller and swing around gothem city on it.
"I have a PS3"
"I am Batman. Let's play together."
by sam May 25, 2005
Only the best system out there. In fact I wrote this on my ps3
I only spent 400$ on my ps3 because you decided to be a douche and buy one on opening day and blow 600$
by Killin Machine March 19, 2008
An overpriced game system that has very few decent games, costs too much and focuses more on the Blu-Ray player then the videogames itself.

PS3 owners make fun of the Red Ring Of Death for the 360 but yet they seem to not remember how the PS2 failed in past years repeatedly.

The PS3 requires for you to own a big HDTV to get the most out of it, and focuses too much on a media format (Blu-Ray) which will most likely fail because its basically the same thing as a DVD.

The PS3 has a handful of half-decent games. These include Warhawk and Resistance, and a few more. Grand Theft Auto IV will also be coming out but it will also be coming out for the 360 anyway too.

Many game developers refuse to make games for the PS3 because it is more complicated to make games for and takes longer to program.

The PS3 looks a bit like a cross between a mini-fridge and a George Foreman grill. Its basically a PS2 with better graphics, a Blu-Ray player and costs 600 dollars.

Honestly, I'd suggest getting a 360 or a Wii.
John : Oh man, my PS2 isn't working right.

Bill : Whats wrong with it?

John : The controller ports won't read the controllers, and my others crapped out on me twice.

Bill : Oh well. Hey, did you see that mini-fridge they put up a commercial for?

John : ...You mean the PS3?

Bill : Oops...didn't you get one?

John : Yeah...its only got a few decent games...

Bill : And six-hundred dollars? You could buy a car for that! Or 60,000 of those 1 cent candies!

John : =(
by Rumplestilskin October 11, 2007

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